China’s Sintered Magnesia Import Volume Up 32.73% MOM in May

 According to customs statistics, in May 2019, China's sintered magnesia import volume was 1 492.55 tons, increasing by 32.73% MOM and decreasing by 50.34% YOY.
In May, China imported sintered magnesia from Germany, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey and India, with the import volume of 812.4 tons, 312 tons, 114 tons, 60 tons, 59.5 tons, 50 tons, 0.15 tons, respectively. The importing enterprises sintered magnesia from Germany belong to Liaoning Province; those from Japan belong to Jiangsu Province, Tianjin City and Guangdong Province; and those from the Netherlands belong to Jiangsu Province.

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